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On running water, there's the ideal beat for every taste, whether on streamer, wet-fly, dry-fly, or nymphing.
Upstream nymphing seems to be very successful in smaller streams. However, the delicate presentation of a dry fly on a 3-weight rod for rising trout in sparkling, whisky-coloured water cannot be beaten. In the fast runs of the Kloppershoekspruit, ephemeral dries are a must.
  • light trout tack
  • Rods:
    7'6-9' foot, 2-5 weight for running water, 6-7 weight for stormy days on stillwater
  • Line:
    Floating, Intermediate/Sinking for Stillwater
  • Flies:
    We could write volumes, but a selection of personal favourites (dries, nymphs- sizes 12-18) will do, along with some local flies available in the area
  • comfortable waders
  • polarised sunglasses
You are also welcome to hire any of our top-of-the-range rods and reels.