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Eastern Cape Highlands
Fishing Reports
  March 2006:
Reasons to Emigrate?
The high PH level (alkaline content) of still water in the Drakensberg mountains and the bountiful insect-life provide perfect conditions for trout. It is not unusual to cross paths with 10-pound specimens. The norm is 4-pounders and they are worth their weight in adrenalin once hooked.

The Wild Trout Association ensures a healthy number of what is considered wild trout since only fingerlings are ever stocked.

Loch Ness lies at an altitude of 2500m, with numerous other still water options in the valleys managed by the Wild Trout Association.

Stillwater fishing is a welcome alternative when the weather gods don't look upon us kindly and the rivers are too high to fish. Remember too that there's a big chance of a trophy trout.