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Eastern Cape Highlands
Fishing Reports
  March 2006:
Reasons to Emigrate?
The palette of running fishing water in the Storm and Drakensberg region of the Eastern Cape Highlands will satisfy any fussy fisherman.

There are alpine fly streams, bubbling from an altitude of 2800m, to rivers with dark pools and bright waterfalls and lazy-flowing stretches wide enough to waterski.
The British introduced trout to the area more than a century ago. Since then the trout have bred completely naturally and there is no stocking nor feeding. Unfortunately, this cannot be said of many top spots in Europe anymore which suffer from too much angling pressure.
There are Brown Trout in the pristine and cool upper reaches while Rainbow Trout are at home in the middle and lower stretches. Here the trout also share their habitat with the indigenous Small and Largemouth Yellowfish. Yellowfish grow to an average size of around 50cm, but trophies of up to 5kg are caught on the fly every year. Fly fishing for Yellows is extremely popular due to their fighting spirit.
  The most noteworthy rivers in the area: Bell, Bokspruit, Kloppershoek, Kraai, Riflespruit, Sterkspruit, Langkloof, Karringmelk, Willow Stream