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Eastern Cape Highlands
Fishing Reports
  March 2006:
Reasons to Emigrate?
"As things are, because it's a long way from just about anywhere else, the folks that get there really want to be there, and there is a difference between them and the hordes who drift casually in and out of many other fishing centres I know that are more accessible and, consequently, too often crowded..."
Dr. Tom Sutcliffe
The Eastern Cape Province, which is larger than England, boasts a variety of landscapes from desolate sandy beaches along the Indian Ocean, sub-tropical mangrove forests, dry bushveld stretching into the Great Karoo, to the majestic backdrop of the Southern Drakensberg mountains bordering the Kingdom of Lesotho.
To reach the foothills of the Drakensberg range (highest peak 3482m/11425ft), our route traverses enormous sheep and cattle farms and climbs the Escarpment, which is well over 1000m above sea level.

The only sub-Saharan ski-resort, Tiffindell, is an exciting day-trip from Rhodes. Snowfall usually is from June to September, although historically, it has snowed in each of the 12 months.
Rhodes, a Victorian village which is also a National Monument, nestles on the Bell River, some 60km from Barkly East. It is the ideal base from which to access over 200km of running water within an hour's drive.

Rhodes is fondly described as the Centre of the Universe by the locals, and those who dare challenge the claim are swiftly put right in the pub after a drink or two.

  • Temperamental spring
    (Sep. - Nov.)
  • Hot summer
    with thunderstorms
    (Dec. - Feb.)
  • Indian Summer-style autumn
    (March - May)
  • Cold, dry winter